Tanny Academy of Martial Arts
14401 E. Bayaud Avenue Unit E
Aurora, CO 80012


Our ITF Taekwon-Do program is a traditional Korean martial art teaching the official International Taekwon-Do Federation curriculum of founder General Choi Hong Hi.  


Our Muay Thai program is a technical, non-traditional approach that focuses on the best and most effective techniques, teaching the Art of Eight Limbs.  

Children's Taekwon-do

We offer two different Taekwon-do programs for kids: Little Ninjas (Ages 5-7) and our Children's ITF Taekwon-Do (Ages 8-12).  Kids will learn the benefits and values of the martial arts all while learning the traditional Korean martial art of Taekwon-do.


Our Women's Self Defense classes and seminars teach practical, no nonsense self defense techniques that truly work for women in real life.  

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)


Our MMA class focuses on all elements of fighting from stand up to take downs to ground fighting.  Find out what this popular and growing style is all about or come train to become an MMA fighter.


Burn up to 1000 calories in our Kickboxing and Thai Fitness classes that will push and challenge you as you punch, kick and sweat your way to better fitness and health.

Bully Defense Workshops

Specials & Upcoming Events:

Taekwon-do Introductory Special: $19.95 for 2 introductory lessons with a certified Black Belt instructor plus a uniform.  

Call or Contact us to take advantage of a 1 Week Free Trial of our Muay Thai, MMA or Kickboxing programs.

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If you are not 18, we require a parent/guardian to attend at least the first class to fill out an information and participation waiver form.
The Tanny Academy of Martial Arts (TAMA) is a family oriented martial arts school based in Aurora, Colorado and serves the Denver and Aurora, CO metro areas. We offer traditional ITF Taekwon-do and have programs for kids, teens and adults ages 4 and up.  We also offer technical Muay Thai and MMA classes, fitness Kickboxing as well as Women's Self Defense seminars.  Contact us for more information on our programs.