Tanny Academy of Martial Arts
14401 E. Bayaud Avenue Unit E
Aurora, CO 80012

Our Instructors

Sabum Kimberly Tanny

About our Head Instructor

Kimberly Tanny is the owner and head instructor of Tanny Academy of Martial Arts.  Sabum Tanny is a 4th Dan ITF Taekwon-do Black Belt with over 13 years of martial arts training.  She started her Taekwon-do training as a college student at CSU in Fort Collins and soon found her passion in both training and teaching Taekwon-do.  She earned her 1st and 2nd Dan Black Belts at Tran's Martial Arts and found her home with the International Taekwon-do Federation and Colorado International Taekwon-do studying and teaching under Master Roberto Roena, VII Dan Black Belt and ITF Taekwon-do Master Instructor, where she earned her 3rd and 4th Dan Black Belts.  

She has also trained in Muay Thai, Kung Fu (Southern Style) and Kendo and has also learned to use many martial arts weapons.  Her mission in starting TAMA was to help her students, both young and old, to achieve all of their personal and martial arts and fitness goals and to spread the values and benefits of the martial arts to the community.  Sabum Tanny is dedicated to helping students, both young and old, to achieve their martial arts and fitness goals and is both excited and grateful for the opportunity to teach martial arts.

Assistant Instructors

Mr. Weymouth  Mrs. McGuire  Mr. McGuire  Mr. Taylor 
Mr. Weymouth  Mrs. McGuire Mr. McGuire  Mr. Taylor

Student Leaders

Josh Chloe Caio
Josh Chloe Caio


Kickboxing Instructors

Montana Conley

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