ITF Taekwon-do Belt Ranks

Our Traditional ITF Taekwon-do program has 10 colored belt ranks and 9 black belt ranks, as shown below.  On average, the training time from White to Black Belt is 4-5 years.  While we cannot guarantee that a student will earn their Black Belt in any set amount of time or that they will earn their Black Belt at all, students who dedicate themselves to their training and practice both inside and outside of the dojang as well as attend more classes weekly may be able to progress faster and be able to successfully attain their Black Belt rank and beyond.  
ITF Belt Ranks
Little Ninjas Belt Ranks

Our Little Ninjas Taekwon-do program is a preparatory program that teaches fundamental Taekwon-do techniques. This program is for students ages 4-6 years and will prepare them for our ITF Taekwon-do program. This is approximately a 1 1/2 year program. Students will graduate into the ITF Taekwon-do program upon completion or if the instructor deems them ready according to age and/or ability to focus/comprehend. Students who start out in the Little Ninjas program generally have a better understanding of the fundamental white belt techniques of the ITF program and progress quicker than other students.
Little Ninjas Belt Ranks
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