Training in the martial arts has many benefits for kids and adults alike. As the saying goes, martial arts is not just a sport or activity, it's a "way of life". The benefits of the martial arts are carried through each aspect of our lives at the dojang, at home, school, work or anywhere else. 

As a traditional martial arts school, Tanny Academy of Martial Arts teaches discipline and respect along with the physical and technical skills. As an official International Taekwon-do Federation affiliated school, we teach the traditional Taekwon-do curriculum developed by General Choi Hong Hi. 

When students earn their black belts through at our dojang, their black belt status is recognized internationally throughout the entire world. In addition to teaching traditional patterns, fundamental kicking and punching techniques and movements, self defense, sparring, board breaking and working on conditioning, we incorporate a life skills program into our children's classes. We emphasize the improvement of the mind, body and soul in all our training for both our children's and adult program.  
Girl Bowing - Respect Martial Arts
Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

How does martial arts benefit children? Listed below are just some of the many benefits of martial arts training for kids. Children of all ages can benefit from the physical skills and values that are taught in martial arts schools. Children learning martial arts work on drills to improve their motor skills, balance and coordination as they learn martial arts techniques and practical self defense that teach them the benefits and importance of exercise. They are also taught proper courtesy and respect and drills to improve their focus and self control - necessary skills and values that benefit them throughout their lives. Unlike a traditional team sport like soccer or basketball, martial arts allows the individual to progress in class and excel at their own pace, but yet offers an atmosphere in which students are able to develop teamwork and leadership skills as they work to help each other learn.

At the Tanny Academy of Martial Arts, we teach age appropriate curriculum for all of our children's programs. Our instructors are constantly attending seminars, networking with other martial artists and instructors and educating ourselves through books, videos and more so that we can offer fun and exciting classes catered to our young martial artists. 

Confidence and Self-Esteem, Self Discipline, Respect and Courtesy, Honesty and Integrity,
Improved Focus and Grades, Positive Attitude, Enhanced Social and Leadership Skills, Goal Setting, Perseverance, Self Control, Enhanced Motor Skills, Fitness and More!
Flexibility - Martial Arts
Benefits of Martial Arts for Adults

You don't have to be a young child to start training in a martial arts class. The Martial Arts are for everyone, old and young. For adult men and women, martial arts has numerous health and fitness benefits. Some adults join a martial arts class to learn self defense, while others have the goal of losing weight and reducing stress. Many may come just to learn a traditional martial art. Whatever the reason is, martial arts training is great for people of all ages.  

Tanny Academy of Martial Arts teaches the ITF Taekwon-do curriculum for our adult martial arts classes. Our traditional Taekwon-do program will help adult students to improve their fitness, strength and flexibility as they also learn to improve their self discipline, focus and confidence.   

Increased fitness and endurance, Overall body workout, Increased strength and flexibility,
Stress Reduction, Improved coordination and balance, Make new friends, Practical Self-defense and More!

The values and benefits of the martial arts don't just stop at the front door of the dojang but are integrated into the daily lives of our students. Students that hone their ability to focus on the target in class and be able to break a board will carry that same focus into their school work, improving their grades. 

For adults, their improved focus will help them be more present in each aspect of their life allowing them to perform better at work or improve their relationships with family and friends at home. 

Respect and courtesy is another important value taught in our martial arts program. The "Yes sirs" and "Yes ma'ams" echoed in the martial art dojang teach the importance of good manners and etiquette that are lacking in many children and adults in our society today. 

The goal of our martial arts program at Tanny Academy of Martial Arts is to help change the world through teaching these values one martial artist at a time. 
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