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Our martial arts program for  Adults teaches traditional ITF Taekwon-do, which is the only original and traditional system of Taekwon-do developed and taught around the world by General Choi Hong Hi, Grandmaster and Founding Father. Our Adult martial arts program will help you learn practical Self Defense, Relieve Stress and get you in great shape. This program is for students ages 13 years and older.  
Adult Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts
Kids will learn to respect themselves and others, build their confidence and focus as well as how to defend themselves in our traditional Taekwon-do programs for children.  We have 2 different Kids programs: Little Ninjas - An introductory martial arts program for children ages 4-6 years and a Kids ITF Taekwon-do program for kids ages 7-12 years.   Our children's martial arts classes are age specific helping them to develop gross motor skills and other critical skill sets that will benefit them anywhere in life.  Oh, and they also get to have tons of fun!
Kids Martial Arts
Our Mini Ninjas Program is a Specialized Parent or Guardian and Toddler Martial Arts program for kids 18-36 months that allows you to experience martial arts training with your toddler. These young martial artists will develop their fitness and mental- emotional skills all while having a blast and building a stronger bond with you!

Our Mini Ninjas Program teaches the Mini Skillz curriculum and focuses on 8 core skills including: Stepping, Listening, Patience, Respect, Jumping, Thinking, Following and Sharing.


Our Combat Kickboxing Program at Tanny Academy of Martial Arts is based on Western Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai.  If you're looking for a fun and challenging kickboxing program that will teach you effective self defense striking techniques and get you into fight ready shape, this is the program for you!
Adult Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts
Burn up to 750 calories in our Fitness Kickboxing classes that will push and challenge you as you punch, kick and sweat your way to better fitness and health.  Our Fitness Kickboxing classes are taught by martial arts professionals so you'll be sure to learn pro kickboxing moves.  Our Fitness Kickboxing classes are bag based so you'll wear real boxing gloves and learn to punch and kick a target to maximize your workout, tone your muscles, help you melt fat and burn more calories!

Kids Martial Arts
Join our ELITE Martial Arts training program!  Hyper Pro Training is an exclusive program designed for elite martial arts athletes.  Members are selected by demonstrating the highest standards of martial arts excellence.

Hyper Pro Training incorporates traditional martial arts techniques and core values with modern martial arts curriculum infused with modern teaching strategies.  Hyper combines traditional techniques with exciting acrobatic movements, weapons training and more. Students get to participate in modern scientific workouts that help them become the best martial arts athletes they can be.

The Hyper Pro Training curriculum includes weekly classes, cool contests, challenges and special events.  The curriculum helps create martial arts athletes with modern drills, kicks, acrobatics, extreme forms and Pro Athlete Mindset.

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