Tanny Academy of Martial Arts' Fitness Kickboxing classes will push and challenge you as you punch, kick and sweat your way to better fitness and health. Burn up to 750 calories in every class!  Our Fitness Kickboxing classes are taught by martial arts professionals so you'll be sure to learn pro kickboxing moves. Fitness Kickboxing is a bag based class, so you'll wear real boxing gloves and learn to punch and kick a target to maximize your workout, tone your muscles, help you melt fat and burn more calories!
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Find Out What Makes Tanny Academy of Martial Arts' Fitness Kickboxing Program the best workout in town!


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Lose Weight and Gain Flexibility
Our Fitness Kickboxing program is a martial art based bag class. It's more than just your typical kick-punch-to-music type cardio kickboxing class. You'll burn up to 750 calories in just one class with our intense and fun workouts. You'll also gain flexibility and tone your muscles as you strike a bag or pads.
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Learn Pro Kickboxing Moves!
Our kickboxing instructors are martial arts professionals with years of experience training in the martial arts and kickboxing and will help you learn proper technique so you can maximize your workouts, tone your muscles and also prevent injuries. Learn how to punch, kick, elbow and knee strike your way to a fitter, more healthy and happier you!  
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Reduce Stress and Develop Self Confidence
Having a bad day? Come join our kickboxing class and get rid of your stress! Our awesome kickboxing workouts are fun and intense. The exercising releases endorphins, which in turn help you to feel happier and less stressed. You'll also feel more confident about yourself and your body as you get stronger, gain more muscles and lose weight. 
Be a Part of Our Martial Arts Family and Have Fun!
At Tanny Academy of Martial Arts, we're not just a martial arts school, we're a family. Our instructors and students all work together to help each other learn and progress. Sometimes trying out something new (even as an adult) can be intimidating. We promise you that you'll feel a part of our team and most of all that you'll get to have fun!  Kickboxing is one of the best workouts there is!

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Fitness Kickboxing Class - sit ups


Here's what some adults are saying about our program:

"I was a fervent non-exerciser. I was one of those people who thought that people who went to the gym had just forgotten how good *not working out* felt. I had tried the gym a few times with others and got bored quickly with the monotony of treadmills and elliptical. I decided a love of exercise just wasn't in my stars. I found Tanny's Academy by chance. My older brother is an MMA fighter so I had always been passively interested in martial arts, and I had spent my entire childhood enamored of strong, kickass women like Xena and Buffy. I went to the free introductory class and immediately fell in love. This place is different. I haven't looked back since!I've heard people say that you just need to find the right kind of exercise for you. That once you do, it doesn't even feel like work, you don't stare at the clock longing for the hour to pass. Well, now I'm another person on the internet telling you the same thing. Kickboxing is the best thing I've ever done for myself." - Aimee Holdorf

"My coworkers and I first started coming to the kickboxing classes at Tanny Academy of Martial Arts as a way to get in better shape while getting to know each other better outside of work. From the moment you first walk through the door you are welcomed and feel valued. The classes are intense (especially for someone like myself who isn't in the best shape) and they provide a great combination of cardio, ab, and strength training but the instructors also focus on technique. I never feel out of place because I don't have as much experience with martial arts because the instructors work with everyone to help make them better. The evening classes are very convenient and I love the different options of membership available. And you can't beat the affordable prices. I am so happy to have found Tanny Academy of Martial Arts and I hope to be a student there for many years!" - Amy Archer

"I started TAMA in January as a Groupon. After the first kickboxing class I was hooked. The classes are challenging and fun. Mrs. Tanny, the owner, knows all of her students by name and really cares about each of them. Even though I moved to the other side of town I will continue to attend TAMA because it is a supportive and rewarding environment." - Brittany Diggins

"I've been in the adult kickboxing class for 3 months and I can definitely see a difference in my endurance and muscle tone. Mrs. Tanny is awesome and full of energy. All the instructors are friendly and push us to the limit. They welcome students of all levels! I want to spar Mrs. Tanny someday!" - Chelsea Meenan
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