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Kickboxing Classes

Ages 13-Adult

Our Kickboxing classes are more than just a fitness class. This class integrates fitness training with martial arts to give you the best workout!! If you're bored of traditional cardio kickboxing classes that offer the same kick-punch-to-music routines but you are not interesting in taking a traditional martial arts class, then our Kickboxing class is just for you! "It's a fitness class with a kick!"

Burn up to 1000 calories with just one class! Our instructors will take you through various punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes from our martial arts styles of Taekwon-Do and Muay Thai. Our instructors are martial art professionals with years of training and expertise to help ensure that you are getting the best workout and performing each technique correctly to prevent injuries.

What makes our Kickboxing program different from any other martial arts or fitness studio? Each class is structured uniquely so that you never get bored doing the same thing each day. The Kickboxing class incorporates heavy bag, focus mitt / body shield, circuit, strength, conditioning, abs and resistance training. We ensure you that you'll get a great workout while learning some martial arts techniques. Our program is also highly affordable so that you don't break the bank while you break a sweat!

All you need to bring are boxing/bag gloves and get ready to sweat and have fun! We will have gloves for sale as well as a few loaner gloves for those who want to try the program first.


FOR CURRENT AND NEW MEMBERS:  Schedule your class below to attend our kickboxing class and ensure your spot in class as we have a limited number of spots available!

If you are unable to make changes to your class or have other questions, please call or text us at (720)432-8262.

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Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing lady

Ages 13-Adult

Our Kickboxing classes at Tanny Academy of Martial Arts are martial art based but geared towards fitness.  If you're looking for a motivating, challenging and exciting group class to help you lose weight, get toned and improve your conditioning, endurance and coordination, this is the program for you.  Our instructors are martial arts professionals who will help you punch and kick your way to better health.  Come try a free class today!
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