Tanny Academy of Martial Arts
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Fitness Kickboxing 

BURN up to 750 Calories!  Our Kickboxing classes are more than just a fitness class. This class integrates fitness training with martial arts to give you the best workout!! Burn up to 750 calories in just one class! 

Get a FULL BODY WORKOUT!  Our Fitness Kickboxing class incorporates heavy bag, focus mitt / body shield, circuit, strength, conditioning, abs and resistance training that works all your muscle groups. 

Learn Effective Kickboxing techniques from our experienced martial arts instructors!  Our kickboxing instructors have years of experience training in the martial arts and will guide you through your training, teaching you proper and effective martial arts based kickboxing techniques.  Our kickboxing program is for people of all abilities and fitness levels.  Whether you're a beginner or an advanced martial artist, we promise to give you a challenging and fun workout!

So if you're looking to lose weight, reduce your stress, try something new and fun and get a great workout, come try out our kickboxing program!   

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For current members or if you purchased a punch card, please schedule your class by visiting our KICKBOXING SCHEDULE page.

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