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Traditional Kickboxing 

Our Traditional Kickboxing program is a martial arts program based on elements of boxing and karate.   Students will learn proper striking, kicking, movement and foot work.  Techniques and the groundwork for the program are based on both a mixture of American Kickboxing and Savate (French kickboxing). Students will be able to increase their endurance and conditioning and get more fit with our fun and challenging Kickboxing classes.  Traditional Kickboxing includes fundamentals, technique training, bag/pad work, conditioning, flexibility and semi/light contact sparring.


Burn up to 750 Calories in 1 class! 

Our Fitness Kickboxing classes are martial art based and are geared towards fitness.  Fitness Kickboxing will help you burn fat, lose weight and reduce stress, all while you have fun and learn something new! Classes are powered by music and incorporate a cardio warm-up, stretching, bag/pad work and focus on technique as well as fitness.  Our Fitness Kickboxing classes are taught by martial arts professionals who will make sure you are learning and demonstrating proper techniques to help you maximize your workouts and prevent injuries.  


CAN I TRY A CLASS? Yes!  We offer a $19.99 trial which includes 3 classes plus a pair of kickboxing gloves.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRADITIONAL VS FITNESS KICKBOXING?  We offer both programs at Tanny Academy of Martial Arts.  Our traditional program is a martial art program that will teach all the fundamental techniques of kickboxing. Members will also learn how to spar and will participate in semi/light contact sparring.  Fitness kickboxing incorporates much of the same aspects as the traditional class, however the focus is more on fitness and students will not be sparring.

DO I NEED ANY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE?  DO I NEED TO BE IN SHAPE TO START? No and no.  Our goal is to help you reach your goals.  We will take you from right where you are and help you get to where you want to be.

WILL I GET HURT? While it is impossible to prevent all accidents in any activity, our training methods have been thoroughly researched and have the effect of making one less prone to injury.  In addition, because respect, responsibility and discipline are a large part of our academy, our instructors and students are very safety conscious.  We are here to help you become more healthy and we want you in class for the long term, so we take every measure possible to ensure your well being.  Also, during sparring drills, safety gear is required.  

HOW MANY DAYS A WEEK DO I NEED TO TRAIN? Most of our members attend classes 1-3 times per week.  The more you commit, the greater the results you will see.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE ME TO SEE RESULTS? You'll begin to feel better almost instantly and will notice improved energy and a better sense of well being within a few short days.  However, specific results will depend on you!  The more committed to classes you are, the faster you will see dramatic results! 

DO I NEED TO CHANGE MY DIET? Please keep in mind that a large part of health and fitness is diet and nutrition.  Our instructors will cover nutrition tips in class, however you can schedule a person appointment with an instructor to cover any person nutrition questions you may have.

IS YOUR KICKBOXING CLASS A "CARDIO KICKBOXING" CLASS? Our Traditional Kickboxing program is a martial art program and our Fitness Kickboxing class is a martial art based bag workout in which kickboxers will be able to strike/kick a heavy bag or pads to increase toning of the muscles/burn more calories.  In both classes, our members will be required to wear boxing gloves and will be working on proper technique.

HOW LONG ARE YOUR CLASSES? Fitness Kickboxing lasts approximately 45 minutes and Traditional Kickboxing lasts approximately 60 minutes.

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