The ITF Taekwon-do curriculum we teach at Tanny Academy of Martial Arts is based on the Taekwon-do Encyclopedia developed by General Choi Hong Hi. Our Taekwon-do program is all inclusive and incorporates physical, mental, spiritual and philosophical training. We teach the 24 Chang Hon patterns, fundamental techniques and movements, kicks/strikes/combinations, self defense, step/pre-arranged and free sparring, breaking (power, speed and specialty) and theory. We also incorporate conditioning and flexibility training into our classes.

Our black belt instructors receive ongoing training from Senior Master Roena, VIII Dan and president of the Colorado International Taekwon-do (CIT).  We also frequently attend local area and out of state seminars to expand our knowledge of Taekwon-do as well as physical and teaching skills in order to offer the best quality instruction and help students in achieving their goals.
Taekwon-do Encyclopedia
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